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Semi-Annual Reports...

Safety councils collect accident statistics from member companies twice a year. The majority of employers use their OSHA recordkeeping log as a basis for this reporting. Ohio public employers use their PERRP Form 300P.

Semi-annual report forms are to be provided to each employer member twice a year (July 1 and January 1) to report the previous six months' activities. Members are to return the forms to the safety council by the 15th of the month (July and January).

Semi-annual reports should be completed by all member companies, no matter an employer's rebate eligibility status as these reports are used for annual award recognition purposes.

The semi-annual report data includes:

  •  Most recent date of injury resulting in a day or more away
    from work;
  •  Average number of employees;
  •  Average hours worked;
  •  Number of injuries resulting in a day or more away from work;
  •  Number of days away from work.
Semi-Annual Reporting FY16 Spreadsheet

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